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Only the Good Die Young

Classical music and rock and roll fight for the spirit of Rebecca Lockhart, a teenaged girl struggling to please her traditional mother and her more modern friends at a new high school.


When a virtuoso guitar player exposes her to the free spirit of rock, Rebecca’s classical outlook on life begins to change. Bolstered by a new self-confidence, she takes risks her old self couldn’t imagine.


Before she can blink, Rebecca is caught in a web of deceit that envelops her entire life. If she reveals the truth, she will have to face an unspeakable horror from her past. If she doesn’t, a fellow student could go to prison.


Only the Good Die Young is a coming-of-age story for the struggling teenager in all of us. 

Christ, Incorporated

When the daughter of Reverend Daniel Prescott develops a life-threatening illness, he hires PR expert Mara Rose to transform him from a humble minister to a televangelist to pay for her treatment. But Mara has a secret to hide.


Daniel's message reaches an ex-drug dealer

named Rafael Delgado with his own sick child and no access to health care. The lives of the two men become dangerously intertwined and they come face-to-face in front of a live audience of millions.

The Shard of the Cathon

An untested castle guard races a disfigured shapeshifter across a land for a mythical artifact that grants the bearer immense elemental power. A classic adventure story with magic, romance, mystery, and action!

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