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Only the Good Die Young

A teenage girl classically trained as a pianist adopts the free spirit of a rock and roll guitarist to rid herself of her mother's rigid upbringing — but her new personality lands a fellow student in jail and herself at the center of a scandal that threatens to destroy her family.


Only the Good Die Young is a coming-of-age story for the struggling teenager in all of us, laced with the dry, deadpan humor of a shy girl struggling to find her way.

Finalist in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Young Adult Category

★★★★★ Reader's Favorite Five Star Review

"A joy to and impossible to put down. Only the Good Die Young is highly recommended. Marvelous! Reviews

"Displays remarkable insight into the teenage girl's inner monologue."

"This novel is the mark of an experienced craftsman."

"A quality work, written by a professional"

"It brought me right back to the awkward and peer-pressure filled world of high school as the dreaded new kid."

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