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Only the Good Die Young Reviews and Reader Comments

Coffee Is In My Blood

Thanks for making me regain my faith in teen fiction and romance. This book is one of the best ones I've read lately.

You, sir, have good taste in music, and have a natural flair for writing, which have been efficiently combined to create an amazing book, which, till the very end, was hard to put down. I had to read the entire thing in just one day, or so the book hooked me.

Emily Tardiff

There's no other way to describe this book than fantastic. From the moment I started reading it I was hooked. I'd stay up late finishing a chapter and wake up early to read the next one.


You are an amazing writer. Your humor is awesome. I love the fact that every chapter had me hooked. This book felt real. I started reading this book on Saturday night and finished at approximately 12:03 am Tuesday morning. All the characters were real people with real problems. Rebecca is a real girl to me because she reminds me of how people really are in the real world.

Emaan N Abbasi

Amazing book, extremely well written. One of those books that at the end makes you put it down and just think. Recommend without any hesitation.


I absolutely LOVED this book. I couldn't stop reading it ever since the first chapter. It kept me guessing the entire time and I couldn't help but compare and make some connection with Rebecca and all she went through. This may well be my favorite book!


I am done! I can't believe it! This book did not last long enough. Your attention to detail was impeccable throughout. This book better get published.

kick the olivia

I love this. I love this. I love this. I love the attention to detail. I love the depth of all the characters. They're all three dimensional. I love that fact that it's currently 5:55 in the morning and I've been reading this since two o'clock last night. I love how easy it is to read and the fact that you don't even realize how much time has passed. Where was I even going with this?

It's literally engulfed me these past few days and if I don't see this in a bookshop before I die I will cry and haunt whoever said no to publishing it. Thank you for existing and writing this because I'm currently experiencing that euphoric sensation you get when you finish a brilliant book.


This is a really great work. I thought this would be another one of those chick flicks where the good girl, after all the drama, eventually ends up with the bad boy. But this is so different. It is realistic and the open ending was perfect. It's FANTASTIC, keep writing.


What an amazing story. Thank you for allowing me to embark on Rebecca's journey. I appreciated the authentic personality woven in the poetic words and symbolism. The challenges between a mother and daughter, and the thoughts of a young woman facing many oppositions and confrontations in her life. The importance of standing against whatever enemies and demons you have and accepting who you are. I loved it all, not to mention it taught me a lot.

a.c. dale

Only the Good Die Young is a deeply moving novel that explores teen angst, music, family, and dishonesty. The story builds to an impressive crescendo where the main character, Rebecca, struggles with agonizing choices. I appreciated the musical aspects woven through the story. Like the blending of classical and jazz, this is an eclectic novel that is both rich in traditional nuances and modern day arrangements.

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