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Christ, Incorporated

When the daughter of Reverend Daniel Prescott develops a life-threatening illness, he hires PR expert Mara Rose to transform him from humble minister to televangelist to pay for his child’s treatment, but Mara’s past could destroy the entire operation – and Daniel’s not sure if he still believes in God.


His message reaches Rafael Delgado, an illegal immigrant and ex-drug dealer with his own sick child. The lives of sinner and savior become dangerously intertwined as both men seek salvation for their children and their own personal redemption.


An alarming tale about the power of faith, Christ, Incorporated reveals if men believe God is with them, there are few lines they won’t cross.

★★★★★ Reader's Favorite Five Star Reviews


"[A] compelling, fast-paced, and gripping story…I don't remember putting this one down."

Ruffina Oserio

"An extraordinary story…"

Maria Beltran


"An exciting and extremely well-paced thrill ride of a read."

Tracy A. Fischer

Reader Reviews


"This fast paced novel explores the power of faith and what men are willing to do when they believe God is on their side."

Kayti Nika Raet


Trudi LoPreto

Awards and Reviews

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