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Only the Good Die Young

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Christ, Incorporated

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The Shard of the Cathon




Reader's Favorite ★★★★★

"A joy to read, fast-paced, and impossible to put down… a marvelous tale."

Jack Magnus, Reader's Favorite

"[It's rare for me to find] a book that kept me up all night because I simply could not put it down. Only the Good Die Young did that, though, and that’s why it’s going on my Best of 2014 list."

Rachelle Born, Amazon Review

"I started reading this book on Saturday night and finished at approximately 12:03 am on Tuesday morning. I love the fact that every chapter had me hooked. Rebecca is like all of us, even if we don't admit it."

Lainey, Amazon Review

About the Author

Douglas Trueman is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing (Honors with Distinction) from City University, London, and a Master's Degree in Professional Communications from Ryerson in Toronto.



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